This is Grim The Grim Reaper Our newest companion at Dark Paradise Radio!

Grim loves to have fun, rock out to great music and just chill in the afterlife.

Just remember to be nice to Grim and you will have a great friend in him!

Welcome to Dark Paradise Radio! the place where music is our darkest pleasure. We play everything from the golden classic rock, such as Aerosmith, Queen, and all of the classic rock greats, to the satisfying and ever indulgent heavy metal that calls to your savage beast like A killer's confession, Adelitas way, motionless in white, butcher babies, and so much more. So reach into the darkness and let our music do the rest. 



The great state of Texas is known for many things, great chili, rodeos, Latin culture, and country music. Yet, two hours outside of San Antonio in the small town of Uvalde, Texas the musicscape of that small town was about to change from the sound of country music and banjos to something more appealing, heavier. Guitarist Dan Martini and bassist Erikk Lee met while performing in a cover band together, Martini and Lee started coming together on Saturdays at a studio to rock out in one of the rooms and kick back a few brews together in the process.


Then one momentous day singer Kat Jacksin entered the same rehearsal studio where Dan and Erikk jammed out at, posting a flyer advertising her vocal talents to bands in search of a singer. After Kat spoke to the receptionist, she was directed down the hall and unbeknownst to Kat she was about to meet two of her soon to be bandmates. After Kat listened outside the door for a few minutes, she then opened the door to the room and asked, “Are you looking for a singer?” They were only missing one thing now, a drummer. Guss Locke was a drummer who played in a different cover band, and had a knack for playing the drums harder than he should. Locke was eventually approached by Martini, Lee, and Jacksin about joining them as their drummer. When Locke accepted the offer, they were officially a band. Now they just needed a name.

            One day while playing his guitar, Dan Martini ended up getting a shocking result from his foot pedal and burned his hand when he picked it up. He looked down and saw the word surge amongst the equipment. After seeing that word he was like “Hey this would be a great name for a band.” Upon a unanimous decision, they had a name and the band Surge was born! At the moment these amazing musicians struck their first power chord together as a band, it was crystal clear that the odds were ever in their favor.

            Surge started out as a cover band, performing songs that weren’t too well known and had people approaching them asking where they could find their songs, this is what lead to them create their two amazing singles Outta’ Control and Jaxxon that were released in 2023. The music that Surge produces is hard rock but harder, drawing inspiration from personal experiences for their songs, to the sounds of bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica and Disturbed for their notes. Every song that is birthed by this group of talented individuals has its own unique sound that is satisfying to the hard rock music lover and makes them such a fantastic choice to listen too. Kat Jacksin’s voice brings an amazing power that flows well with the rest of the high impact energy music that is fashioned by her fellow bandmates. If you’re in the search for new bands and music to listen to, then do yourself and your eardrums a favor and check out Surge! Their distinguished momentum and talented vocals will leave you wanting to hear more. You can find them on Spotify and other music streaming and keep an eye out for them coming to a city near you!

We are Dark Paradise Radio! Your internet radio station for classic rock, metal and even a little... country music.... kidding! you won't find that here! if you do, please smack the dj in the head.

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10 days ago

Keep on kicking ass..❤️😀🤘

2 months ago

Hi Grim! I've been waiting for you!

Seriously! Don't believe me? Just give my newly-submitted Annimax song "Waiting For The Reaper" a listen here on Dark Paradise Radio and you'll see what I mean! Thank you for finally coming to take me away into your radio domain! 🤘😝👍🎶