Onward Buttercup! There's fuckery to spread!

Welcome to Dark Paradise Radio! the place where music is our darkest pleasure. We play everything from the golden classic rock, such as Aerosmith, Queen, and all of the classic rock greats, to the satisfying and ever indulgent heavy metal that calls to your savage beast like A killer's confession, Adelitas way, motionless in white, butcher babies, and so much more. So reach into the darkness and let our music do the rest. 

By day 56-year-old Joel Wiseheart is a mild-mannered database developer, a husband and a father of three. After the sun goes down though he sheds his skin and becomes the one-man band Annimax! Before the Corona, CA native turned into a solo act, a five-year-old Joel got bit by the performance bug by doing a lip sync performance of Alice Cooper’s hit single School’s Out for his parents and their friends in his underwear. Growing up in the 70’s Wiseheart was influenced by the likes of Kiss, mostly the infamous Gene Simmons with his demonic make-up, fire breathing and spitting blood. He went on to play the baritone and trombone in music during his high school years. Wiseheart wanted to move on to be a guitarist and just shred some leads but found out this broad fingers it was difficult. A friend of his suggested trying to play bass, and from the first time Joel tried it, it was a match made in musical heaven. Joel’s brother was a drummer in a band, who had two guitarists but no bass player. So, he took his brother’s set list and started going through the list song by song. By the end of the week, he learned enough songs that the guitarists kind of took him under his wing and taught him how to play. Within the time frame of buying his first bass, Joel Wiseheart was already in a band. He went on to perform in other bands such as the semi famous band Q5 and Nightshade (ex-Q5). Joel’s bass playing talents appear on their second album "Men of Iron" in 2001. Wiseheart’s debut album as Annimax, Asphalt Assault, which was released in 2023, has the sounds of old school metal. This is the same album that features the song Waiting for the Reaper which is a song about a woman he broke up with in 1987. So, for us it’s a brand-new track, for Joel it’s 36 years old. He is currently working on a second album, which will be heavier and more modern sounding. If you're hunting for something that is heavy with a slight retro flare, check out Annimax! 

Who would have thought that an online chat forum for musicians would soon bring together a pair of talented musicians. Tom Giacalone is an instrumental musician who resided in New York City and grew up playing in bands in school. Tom grew up inspired by the likes of old school thrash, along with Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Metallica, Queensryche, Alice in Chains. He also played in a wedding band with his sister. One night he was hanging out in an online forum saw a post from a person who was about to become his band mate, the culprit in question was  Scarlett Morningstar.

Scarlett Morningstar from southern california, and at 18 moved to las vegas. is a singer in her early mid twenties who was and still is strongly influenced by her father who was a drummer, a multi talented instrumentalist, lyricist and singer. She also was inspired by the likes of Evanescence, Pretty Reckless, Maria Brink of In This Moment, and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. After they exchanged tracks of their work, Tom fused them together and discovered that their sounds melded forming an undeniable masterpiece, thus Scarlett Silhouette was born. Shortly there after Tom Giacalone and Scarlett Morningstar, now Scarlett Silhouette came out with their first release. Creator of Storms. This dynamic duo brings a lot of heart, talent and passion to every track that they create! So watch out for new projects and news from Scarlett Silhouette, because they are painting the music world scarlett note by note!

We are Dark Paradise Radio! Your internet radio station for classic rock, metal and even a little... country music.... kidding! you won't find that here! if you do, please smack the dj in the head.

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13 days ago

That's what we call Radio !!! 💣

Tension Splash
a month ago

Michigan's Best Indie Radio!

Scarlett Silhouette
a month ago

Love the site & of course the music! Thanks for the awesome double feature on us & annimax! ❤️‍🔥

2 months ago

Keep on kicking ass..❤️😀🤘

4 months ago

Hi Grim! I've been waiting for you!

Seriously! Don't believe me? Just give my newly-submitted Annimax song "Waiting For The Reaper" a listen here on Dark Paradise Radio and you'll see what I mean! Thank you for finally coming to take me away into your radio domain! 🤘😝👍🎶